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 The Location is very important, as a rule of thumb a minimum of 2’ should be allowed on all sides.

 Generally building Permits are not required for our storage units. Although if any City Official or HOA requires a Permit, it is the Customer’s responsibility to Obtain said requirement's.

 Our sale’s nor our Installer’s do not assist in obtaining zoning variances, or do subdivision covenant searches. If required, permit and plot plan must be completed prior to the start of building.

 If the customer is getting Footing and/or Slab work done, it must be completed 72 hours prior to installation date, since our installers do not do this work nor do they clear or excavate. It will be the Responsibility of the Buyer to level build site within 6” BEFORE the installation date.

 The customer must ensure of a Working Electrical Outlet within a 100ft of building unit. if this is not available, the buyer will be required to Rent one or make one available, TXSC can provide a generator if needed for an additional cost of $50 a day or customer can choose to forfeit free gift to wave generator fee.

 TXSC (Texas Sheds & Cabins) will make contact with the customer 1-2 business days prior to installation date. If needed site inspection customer will be contacted via Video call, if video calling is not possible personal site inspection is available upon request.

*PRO TIP: A GOOD RULE OF THUMB* To ensure area of future installation site is ready, is if Grass or Weeds are lower than ankle. For any additional Questions regarding installation Process or area compliance Please do not hesitate to contact us at [832] 276-1292

*NOTE: Prices do not Include ANY of the following, Optional Features, City Permits/ Zoning, HOA Permits or Compliance Fee's, Excavation or leveling 6". Certain Displays Show Optional Features Installed. Clients are responsable for City and HOA Permits. Roof felt is NOT Required under most building codes but is available for an additional cost. ALL Material and prices subject to change without notice. Certain Materials are not available in all areas. Small amounts of rain leakage though double doors is normal. Client responsible for overhang over doors unless requested for TXSC to built one for shed. Warranty dose not cover custom double doors sizes. Warranty only valid for standard 5'x6' double doors, Exterior steel doors, and Rollup door. Warranty for shed dose not cover acts of nature.